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About Innovative Benefit Alternatives! #LMK4innovation


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About Employee Access!

Consider overall costs savings first:

As HR pros are forced to reduce benefits, you have the rare opportunity to ADD a low cost benefit that your employees will love! Landmark’s Chiropractic and Acupuncture plans have low claims costs, affordable administrative fees and offer savings of up to 50% off retail charges. #LMK4savings

Innovate your benefits strategy:

Landmark plans provide easy access to the highest quality of care with NO deductible. Employees get the care they want, whenever they want it through MultiPlan’s NCQA fully-accredited, nationwide network of over 18,000 care providers. #LMK4innovation

Give your employees the access they want:

Your broker can help you design a more effective overall approach to healthcare. Joint and muscle pain are common and costly conditions that impact your bottom line. Chiropractic and acupuncture are proven and popular low-cost solutions with average claims costs of less than $2 PEPM. #LMK4access

Give your employees the nationwide access and innovation they want in their healthcare package with savings for all.

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about cost savings of up to 50%, low claims costs and affordable administrative fees.

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about nationwide access to care through MultiPlan’s NCQA fully-accredited network of over 18,000 providers.

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about improved productivity and effective healthcare, with average claims costs of less than $2 PEPM.