About Landmark

About Landmark

Landmark has been providing access to chiropractic and acupuncture since 1985. Our mission is to make high quality, fully credentialed chiropractors and acupuncturists available to employer and labor groups at affordable rates. We have over 19,000 accredited practitioners in our national network. Our benefit plans are affordable and easy to access. There are never any deductibles or prior authorization requirements but we provide extensive oversight to insure that the care delivered is of the highest quality.

In today’s challenging healthcare environment, chiropractic and acupuncture are effective, low cost alternatives to drugs and surgery. We are proud to work directly with these providers to develop benefit plans that can meet the physical medicine needs of our plan members while mitigating the high cost of healthcare for their employers.

Executive Team


George W. Vieth Jr.

President and Chief Executive Officer

Prior to joining Landmark, Mr. Vieth spent ten years at Humana Inc., where he was ultimately responsible for its largest customer segment as a Senior Vice President. In addition, he has served on several boards of directors of health care companies, primarily in the realm of disease management and has extensive experience in venture capital.


Thomas P. Klammer

Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

Mr. Klammer is a CPA and a fifteen-year health care industry veteran. He worked for over ten years at Humana in executive positions in areas ranging from Planning & Development to Sales. His previous experience, in public accounting with Ernst and Young, included coordination of audit, tax and consulting services for HMOs, IPAs and insurance companies.